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7 August 2007
San Fulgencio's excavations of Iberian temple

On 9th July this year archaeological excavations were implemented in San Fulgencio on the early Iberian settlement of 'La Escuera' located close to camino del Convenio on urbanisation La Marina.áThe archaeological works are being carried out by archaeology students from the University of Alicante, under the direction of D. Lorenzo Abad Casal and D. Jesus Moratalla Jßvega professors of archaeology, and teacher D˝a. Feliciana Sala SellÚs.
     The objective of the current work is to clean and then graphically record the archaeological remains of the Iberian temple sanctuary dating back to the third century BCE that are visible thanks to the original work carried out by Swedish archaeologist Solveig Nordstr÷m from June to November in 1960. Solveig Nordstr÷m was invited to see the work currently being performed by the team from Alicante University and he spent a full day with them on Thursday 26th July.áNow 84 years-old she was overjoyed to see her work, carried out 47 years earlier, being brought up to date and catalogued.
     In the third century BCE the 'La Escuera' settlement covered an area of three square kilometres, only a very small section of this early Iberian City site has been revealed to modern day man. The goal of the archaeologists who have worked on this site is to preserve it for future generations.áMost of the finds from this site and from the 'El Oral' excavations (in the quarry) are on exhibition in the Alicante MARQ museum. Archaeologists are looking into the possibility of displaying the finds locally and to arranging excursions to the Alicante MARQ museum to view the exhibits there. For more information visit the MARQ museum site: www.marqalicante.com/web_e/e_marq.htm

Source: The Leader Online (30 July 2007)

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