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7 August 2007
Rock art found in Scotland

An open day was held at the Ormaig rock art site looking over Loch Craignish (Argyll, Scotland) to display the work of the recent excavation project. The project is a joint effort with the Forestry Commission and Kilmartin House Museum with Dr Andy Jones from the Archaology department at the University of Southampton casting his expert eye on proceedings. The Forestry Commission are felling the trees around the site next year so the project is trying to discover the extent of the site to ensure it is preserved properly in the future and not damaged in the process of felling.
     The excavation so far has found some hammer stones which might have been used for making tools rather than as tools themselves. It has also uncovered some more cup and ring marks typical of the area.
Dr Jones said: "We have found a lot of new motifs and hammer stones inserted into cracks and fissures on the rocks."

Sources: Argyllshire Advertiser (20 July 2007), The Modern Antiquarian (31 July 2007)

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