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7 August 2007
Prehistoric frescos discovered in Algeria

An important archaeological discovery has been made recently in the region of Batna (east of Algeria) which consists in prehistoric frescos that date back to some 3500 years. Local experts are asking for the immediate intervention of the minister of culture to send international experts to study the site, because of the importance of this discovery.
     These frescos are similar to those found in the remote parts of the Algerian desert, Tassili and Hoggar, as well as those in the Atlas namely, Djelfa and Ain Defla. The drawings have been discovered inside caverns located in Tachyoune, some 14 Kms east of the town of N'guaouess and only few local inhabitants and shepherds are familiar with.
     To certify the historical authenticity of such a discovery, a delegation including top local officials and experts visited the site last June and studied the frescos which portrayed the social life of the prehistoric man through the representation of domestic tools, plants and animals. According to archaeologists much is left to be discovered in this territory, and this discovery is only the 'tip of the iceberg'.

Source: Echorouk Online (2 August 2007)

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