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19 August 2007
Volunteers needed to unearth Stonehenge's secrets

Young people are being offered a unique opportunity to get involved in one of Britain's most high profile archaeological projects. The Stonehenge Riverside Project aims to understand the purposes of Stonehenge between 2000 and 3000 BCE. The archaeological excavations are pursuing a hypothesis that Neolithic Durrington Walls was the land of the living' and Stonehenge the land of the dead,' linked by a transitional journey along the River Avon. As part of this exciting project, young people aged 16-25 are being invited to get involved through a youth volunteering project, which develops opportunities in the heritage and conservation sector in the south west.
     Opportunities available will include helping devise a young person's trail which would be available to all visitors to the archaeological site, assisting with the visitor centre - welcoming visitors and sharing the collection of artefacts with visitors and being a guide onsite to the various digs. Hannah Mayell, youth volunteering advisor for the team, said: "The Stonehenge Riverside Project was the focus of international media attention last year and will offer young people some first-hand experience of a large- scale, high profile archaeological project this summer.
     The excavations take place from August 19 to September 14, 10am to 4pm. Entry is free to the public and guided tours will be available throughout. On the Special Open Days August 25-27 and 8-9 September, there will be demonstrations of prehistoric cookery, archery, flint knapping and pottery by re-enactors. Anyone interested can contact Hannah Mayell at Hannah.mayell@nationaltrust.org.uk or on 07825034252.

Source: Salisbury Journal (18 August 2007)

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