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26 August 2007
Fines for dumping waste near an ancient hillfort

A British landowner, one of his tenants and a local trader were ordered to pay 15,065 in fines and costs for illegally dumping huge amounts of waste on land designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.      
     In March 2006, the Environment Agency became aware that a significant amount of waste was dumped on land at an ancient hillfort at Tunley, three miles south west of Bath (Somerset, England). The waste consisted mainly of construction and demolition waste. An Environment Agency investigation revealed Stephen Jones had been responsible for depositing waste, and he had asked Donald Jones, who lived on the Tunley Estate, to manage the site on a day to day basis. Stephen Jones admitted depositing waste, keeping waste and disposing of waste by burning and also said he knew the land was part of the scheduled ancient monument. He said that he was not aware of the scale of the problem. Jamie Witt, who works in the waste trade, deposited waste at Tunley Farm under the impression that it was a properly licenced tip. "The tipping occurred within the hillfort site. This may have damaged the ancient site, which is by its nature irreplaceable," said Caz Lane for the Environment Agency.
     Stephen Jones, was fined 9,200 and ordered to pay 2,000 costs by Bath Magistrates; Donald Jones was fined 1,230 and ordered to pay costs of 400; and Jamie Witt was fined 1,600 and costs of 635.

Source: Environment Agency (22 August 2007)

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