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26 August 2007
Paleolithic site traced in Iran

Iranian archeologists have succeeded in tracing evidence of human beings settlement dating back to Paleolithic epoch to Middle Stone Age (40,000-10,000 years ago) in Jam-o Riz city in Bushehr province. Abdolreza Dashtizadeh, head of archeology team in Jam-o Riz city, explained that 16 prehistoric sites have been discovered during  excavations, among which 6 enjoys a high archeological potential to be studied in detail.†The majority of prehistoric evidence consists of ancient stone tools.
     "We conducted also some anthropological researches in the area which led us to conclude that stone tools were used by the local people of this area until 40 years ago," added head of excavation team in Jam-o Riz city. These researches show that the local people used a kind of flint stone which is called Bardtash in local language means fire stone which is used for making razors blades for hunting animals.††
     According to Dashtizadeh, the discovered prehistoric findings have already been transferred to Paleolithic Research Department of Iranís National Museum and have been examined by Fereydoon Biglari, director of this department.

Source: CHN (25 August 2007)

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