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4 September 2007
New court challenge on Tara

The Campaign to Save Tara announced details of a legal challenge to the proposed M3 Motorway through the Tara/Skryne Valley in Co. Meath (Ireland). At the launch of the legal challenge  were archaeologists Joseph Fenwick and Professor George Eogan, MEP Kathy Sinnott, author
Morgan Llywelen, as well as members of the Campaign’s legal team. Among the groups represented were An Taisce and the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society.
     The named plaintiff is Michael Canney, a prominent member and former spokesperson of the Campaign. Among the named defendants are the Minister for the Environment, the Minister for Transport, the National Roads Authority and Eurolink Ltd., The consortium awarded the construction and tolling contract. The action, by means of a plenary summons which was served on the named defendants, is seeking a ruling that construction should be halted on the M3 pending the outcome of a case at present before the European Court of Justice relating to the Lismullen National Monument. A number of other claims are made including a ruling that the Minister for the Environment has failed in his duty to protect Irish National Heritage as required under Article five of the Constitution. Additionally there are a number of claims relating to the procedures adopted in relation to Environmental Impact Assessments.
     In the meantime, two independent experts in transport and sustainability have launched a radical new alternative to the controversial M3 motorway. The proposed development will protect the archaeological sites in County Meath, without re-routing the road. The creators say it will preserve the Tara landscape, provide bypasses for Dunshoughlin and Navan while reducing CO2 emissions. They also say there will be no extra cost to the Government.

Sources: Indymedia, Belfast Telegraph, Online.ie (29 August 2007)

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