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23 September 2007
Bronze Age burial site unearthed at British quarry

Archaeologists excavating a site at at Pode Hole Quarry near Peterborough (England), have discovered a significant Bronze Age burial site. With scientists already having discovered a 3,500-year-old man's skeleton at the location in a quarry, they added to their discovery by uncovering the remains of a small child. Archaeologists have unearthed a number of artefacts in the area which point to a settlement in the quarry they have been excavating for eight years but the skeletons are the first human connection to the site.
     Archaeologist Andy Richmond said the find was significant as it helped to piece together the history of life on the edge of the Fens. The child's remains were found resting on a bark mat, with a perforated shell, believed to be an item of jewellery. They will be preserved in an archaeological archive. Experts will now examine the child's skeleton to determine the age and sex of the child and any diseases it may have suffered from and its diet. 

Sources: BBC News, Monsters and Critics (17 September 2007)

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