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23 September 2007
Stone circle being excavated in South Yorkshire

An archaeological dig to try to uncover the secret surrounding the 'Stonehenge of the North' got under way in Cadeby (South Yorkshire, England) this week. Entitled the 'Cadeby Henge Project', history enthusiasts hope that the excavation will uncover evidence of an ancient stone circle that dates back to 2000 BCE. It is thought there could be as many as 20 stones, ranging from 15 to 20ft high, buried just underneath the surface. It is said to have existed in Bronze Age times and was sited near the former Cadeby Colliery site.
     The mysterious past of the stone circle has been researched by the Society of the Don and Dearne - a group of history enthusiasts based in Bolton-on-Dearne - who are leading the excavation project. If the stones are found then there are hopes to re-erect the circle to look just as it did around four thousand years ago.
     Speaking for the Society of the Don and Dearne, historian Kenneth Elliff said: "It is an exploratory dig, we don't know exactly what we will find but we are excited about it. There has always been rumours and tales about the site but now we have the opportunity to dig there. If the stones are found then we do hope to erect them as they were. The site is close to the Trans Pennie Trail and I'm sure this would increase tourism along that trail."
     The project will cost 66,800 and has been helped by a 29,600 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Archaeologists Lloyd Powell MA and David Holdsworth, both from Sheffield University, will lead the excavation which started on Monday and is expected to last three weeks. Once the excavation is completed the land will be returned to scrubland. Information gathered from the dig will be recorded and will form part of a travelling education exhibition.

Source: South Yorkshire Times (19 September 2007)

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