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29 September 2007
Beltany Heritage Conference: all about Tara

The archaeologist appointed to monitor developments at the proposed route of the M3 motorway through Tara, Dr Conor Newman, will be the main speaker at the upcoming Beltany Heritage Conference in Raphoe (Ireland). Dr Newman, lecturer at NUI Galway, will focus on the importance of Tara through six millennia of Irish history when he addresses the conference on Saturday October 6 in the Cathedral Hall, Raphoe. He will be joined by Dr Brian Lacey, CEO of the Discovery Programme, an institution for advanced research in Irish archaeology.
     According to Dr Newman: "Tara is greater than the sum of its parts in every respect and the monuments that define Tara extend across the Hill and into the surrounding landscape. This was the premier cult centre of prehistoric Ireland and later the seat of its High Kings. It's a landscape rich in monuments, mythology, place names and history. These are footprints of the past and have given Tara its iconic status in Irish history and culture." Dr Newman will also address the issue of the how the M3 proposed motorway will impact on this landscape.
     The Conference "From Croaghan to Tara, Uncovering Ancient Tirconnaill's Royal Legacy" will be begin with a performance by local school children from St Eunan's NS and Raphoe Central School on Friday October 5 at 7.30pm in the Cathedral Hall. Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of Heritage Council will perform the official opening followed by a Reception. Talks begin on Saturday October 7 at 10am and will run until 5pm at the Cathedral Hall. Registration for the conference can be made through the Beltany website www.beltany-circle.com or by contacting Raphoe Community In Action at 074 9173966. Forms are also available at local libraries.

Sources: Beltany Stone Circle website, Donegal News (28 September 2007)

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