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9 October 2007
Suspected prehistoric burial found in Texas

Jon Lohse, an archaeologist with Texas State University's Center for Archaeological Studies says an extremely rare metal arrow point isn't the only thing that he has found near the proposed extension of Wonder World Drive. "We have evidence for ceramic pot manufacture and use, and we see cooking fires," he said.
     The site is the focus of an archaeological survey that has to  take place before construction can begin on a new road. The survey was nearly complete when Texas Historical Commission archaeologist Mark Denton said a discovery was made. "They came upon these bones which were recognized and confirmed as human," Denton said.
     Archaeologists with the commission say uncovering the prehistoric human feet bones have made additional work on the site necessary. "We'll continue to investigate this particular area to see, to  confirm, do we have a full burial? And then have to sort of radiate  out from there to figure out are there any others in the same  general area," Denton said.
     Archaeologists say they have found prehistoric sites in and  around San Marcos that date back more than 12,000 years. They say it was the spring water that attracted people back then and continues to attract people today. The site where the burial was located is not new. In the early 1980s archaeologists with what was then Southwest Texas State University did several excavations at the site. Experts say the burial is likely between 2,000 and 5,000 years old.
     The city of San Marcos says it is working with state and federal agencies to make sure all the appropriate steps are taken with the site. The Texas Historical Commission expects the road will be built as planned.

Source: News 8 Austin (6 October 2007)

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