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17 October 2007
Archaeological website launch

A new website will be created to promote archaeological objects in Dumfries and Galloway region (Scotland) - thanks to a £40,000 cash injection. Under the Recognition Scheme funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Scottish Museums Council, important collections are protected and promoted to a wider audience. And Dumfries and Galloway museum service's archaeology collection is one of five museums and galleries in Scotland to land a financial boost.
     The collection is one of the largest in Scotland and described as a "comprehensive collection of Dumfries and Gallowayís material culture over an 8,000-year period". Itís also branded the 'primary source of information' for understanding the regionís pre-history and history.
     The new website will provide information and details on archaeological objects within the collection. Sandra McDowall, chair of the councilís education and community services committee, said: "We are delighted that the importance of our regionís archaeology collections has been recognised in this way".
Source: icDumfries (11 October 2007)

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