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17 October 2007
BBC4 to unearth Silbury Hill's history

Coast presenter Neil Oliver will explore the interior of the largest man-made mound in Europe in a one-off documentary for BBC4. In Lion Television's Silbury Hill, the archaeologist will team up with social anthropologist and Castaway presenter Mary-Ann Ochota in his attempt to find out why Silbury Hill was built and to uncover the story of the people who helped build it.
     English Heritage granted Lion access to the Wiltshire mound and the work of its archaeologists and engineers for the 60-minute doc. Silbury Hill was commissioned by BBC specialist factual commissioner Martin Davidson. George Williams directed and produced the doc for Lion, with Chris Corden as co-producer and Bill Locke as executive producer. It was produced in association with Chris Corden productions and will be distributed by All3Media International.

Source: Broadcast Now (12 October 2007)

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