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21 October 2007
End of excavations at Galabar Dam

Archeological excavations behind Galabar dam in Zanjan province (Iran) wrapped up after four and half months continual effort in the region. Discovering of more than 30 graves and burial gifts belongign to Calcolithic epoch and Iron Ages, a number of architectural evidence ranging in date from Calcolithic epoch to Islamic period were among the most important achievements during salvation activities behind Galabar Dam.
       16 and 8 graves have been respectively identified in the cemeteries belonging to the first and third Iron Ages discovered behind the dam. 7 graves belonging to children buried in the floor of the houses during Calcolithic epoch have been also discovered during archeological excavations behind Galabar dam. Located on the path of Sajas River, archeologists have succeeded in tracing three Iron Ages sites dating back to 3500 years ago, a historical site belonging to Calcolithic epoch (some 8000 years ago), and a Parthian and Islamic fortress. According to Aali, two historic gaps can be seen regarding the residency of human beings in the region. One belonging to Bronze Age (third millennium BCE) and the other is related to Achaemenid era (550-330 BCE).
     The inundation of Galabar dam started on March 2007 without getting the approval of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of Zanjan province. Soon after hearing the news, cultural heritage authorities informed about the possibility of existence of historical sites behind the dam and asked the authorities of the dam to give them the chance to conduct archeological excavations behind the dam by stopping the inundation of the dam until the end of salvation project. However, all these prehistoric and historic evidence will submerge by inundation of the dam.

Source: CHN (20 October 2007)

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