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28 October 2007
Save Pendarves Quoit

Pendarves Quoit, also known as Carwynnen Quoit, is a Bronze Age Burial Chamber located in West Cornwall (England). The site is in a collasped condition and stands on private setaside farmland. The Sustainable Trust is in negotiations with the owners to buy the five acres of land on which the Quoit is situated for community and conservation use. It is hoped, with the help of English Heritage, Cornwall Archaeological Unit and the Heritage Environment Service to rebuild the Quoit to its former glory. It is proposed that there will be linking wildlife corridors between the existing woods on either side of the field.
     The Quoit, when standing, was similiar to Lanyon Quoit in West Penwith and the Antiquarians of the 18th and 19th centuries would of seen this site as of equal archaeological significance. The Quoit itself origionally stood on rough ground, however, it became part of the Pendarves Estate as the estate expanded in the 19th century.
     Phase one of the restoration project will encompass purchasing the land, opening access to the road, planting approximately 4 acres with oak & hazel, fencing the site, erecting an information board and publicising the project, holding various events involving interested groups but aimed at a wider audience.
     The Sustainable Trust is sourcing grants and advice. Contact: The Sustainable Trust, Keepers Cottage, Clowance Estate, Praze-an-Beeble, Cornwall, TR14 0NQ, England. Email: sustrust@aol.com Website: savependarvesquoit.weebly.com.

Source: The Sustainable Trust (26 October 2007)

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