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3 November 2007
3000 years of Iranian history wiped out overnight

The destruction of one of the biggest historical sites in the Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari province by the Ministry of Road and Transportation was reported by the Persian service of ISNA on October 22. "Overnight 60 of the architectural and archeological remains of Pol-Borideh in Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari province have been destroyed to construct a road. The ancient site was registered on the National Heritage List", said Aliasghar Noruzi, an archeologist with provincial CHTO. He stated: "The Ministry of Road and Transportation acted irresponsibly, and ignored all the previous warnings of the Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation, prior to launching the new Khuzestan Highway project."
     According to Noruzi, the ancient site was a settlement next to an ancient route known as Arjan-Lordegan-Esphahan, which was in use during a number of historical periods. In addition there were a number of architectural remains dated back to 1000 BCE as well as pre-history which have already been identified in the area. He stated: "despite all the previous meetings, communications and warnings, the authorities of the Ministry of Road and Transportation have chosen to ignore and in an unexpected move they have flattened and destroyed the historical site overnight."
       Another local archaeologist who wished to remain anonymous said: "One day our heritage is being threatened by dam projects, the next its road constructions. They claim these are development projects, if this is the case why is our heritage being destroyed in the darkness of night and in secret - and why don't they sit down with the cultural authorities to find a solution to carry out their so-called development projects, and at the same time safeguard our national heritage?"

Source: CAIS News (30 October 2007)

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