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17 November 2007
Bronze Age child found at school

The rare remains of a Bronze Age child have been discovered by archaeologists carrying out a dig at a Suffolk school (England). Culford School, in Culford, near Bury St Edmunds, asked for an archaeological survey to be carried out by Suffolk County Council's archaeological service before building work began on a new tennis court next to the school's sports centre.
     Archaeologists, who have been working on the site for two weeks, first discovered some human teeth, then fragments of bone before finding a skull which is believed to be a child of seven or eight. An earthenware pot, from the area and identifiable by a chevron design and worked pieces of flint, which may have been left as an offering for the afterlife, were also found. As the remains were found in isolation it is thought that the child may have had some status within the settlement group, perhaps the son or daughter of a tribal leader. The artefacts have now been transferred to Suffolk County Council's finds department at Shire Hall, in Bury, for analysis to determine the child's age and sex.
     Robert Atfield, project officer, said: "This is a rare find, not only the burial site with the child's skull but also the full skull, pottery and animal bones all found in one small area which will be difficult to interpret. Deputy head teacher Belinda McCrea said: "It is extremely interesting for our pupils and some of them have been able to visit the excavation site and take a look at the work the archaeologists have been doing. One pupil in particular has visited the site every day as he is interested in pursuing a career in archaeology when he leaves school.  It is quite a moving thought that around 1500 BCE there was a community living here with children and today in 2007 we have a school on the site."

Source: EADT24 (7 November 2007), Bury Free Press (9 November 2007)

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