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6 January 2008
The Rollrights damaged again

A Site Inspector for the Heritage Action group visited the Rollrights (Oxfordshire, England) on 29th December 2007. He reported that following the recent fire damage there, some follow-up damage and a further attack have occurred.
     The King's Men standing stone which was previously burnt by the tire attack has been significantly chipped on the top. The King Stone notice, where previously cracked, has now been broken off completely. The warden's hut has again been attacked. Cavity Wall foam was sprayed into the collection box, and also into the locks. This subsequently solidified, breaking the locks and rendering the collection box unusable. An oil fire used by the wardens was lit and placed next to a wooden cabinet and a gas cylinder within the hut, with the obvious intention of causing an explosion.
     These attacks apparently occured on the 9th December according to the warden on duty. The police are now willing up increase the charge from one of Arson, to Arson with Intent. However, they have no real leads. The only solution may be to install CCTV cameras at the site, which no one really wants to do.
     This damage continues a sad tale of vandalism at the stones over the last few years: in 2005, yellow paint was spread over every stone in the circle. In 2006, the warden's hut was burnt to the ground in an arson attack. This was subsequently replaced by a Portacabin. In 2007, A tire was placed on a stone and burnt, the sign at the King Stone was attacked and the Portacabin was broken in to. Now stones have been chipped, the signage damaged further, and the portacabin damaged once again in another arson attack.

Source: Heritage Action (4 January 2008)

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