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2 February 2008
Ancient temple-well restored in Bulgaria

Italian historians will take part in the restoration of the only temple-well in Bulgaria. The unique monument is called 'Pusto Gurlo' ('Vain Throat') and is located in Gurlo Village, Pernik area. Scientists dated it from 1400 BCE. Together with Pernik Municipality, the specialists from Italy will make a project to apply for an EU funds grant. The new resources will be used to build a new road to the temple-well, to restore the surrounding objects and a hotel complex to be built nearby.
     The temple-well is built in the shape of frustum of a cone; in its highest point the aperture is 2 meters in diameter and in the lowest point widens to 5 meters. On the left side of the temple there is trapezoidal section which leads through 2-3 meters corridor and a twisted ladder to the top. On the bottom of the temple there is another well, which is presently dried up. The 'Pusto Gurlo' temple is under UNESCO protection.

Source: News.bg (1 February 2008)

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