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2 February 2008
'The Drawings on the Wall' - BBC Radio 4

Archaeologist Dr. George Nash visits five of Western Europe’s most significant prehistoric rock art sites to examine whether the modern minding can ever successfully interpret the mysterious graffiti created by our ancestors. Broadcasts can he heard on BBC Radio 4 (92-94FM and 198LW) and via the internet at  www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/arts/drawingsonthewall.shtml
     The series is as follows:
1) The legless Ladies of Creswell Crags - Sunday February 3rd at 2.45pm
2) Graffiti Gorge - Sunday February 10th at 2.45pm
3) Irish Illusions - Sunday February 17th at 2.45pm
4) The Master of Paspardo - Sunday February 24th at 2.45pm
5) Architecture of Death - Sunday March 2nd at 2.45pm
     You should be able to hear the programmes on the net at the time of broadcast (all times are GMT) – or anytime during the following week by using the 'listen again' Facility. Further information is also available in the Culture Wise website

Source: Rock Art mailing list (1 February 2008)

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