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2 February 2008
Tara Solidarity Vigil

A peaceful demonstration will take place within the Tara/Skryne Valley this Sunday February 3rd. The demonstration, to illustrate the magnitude of the Lismullen henge will use hundreds of crosses, symbolising the rebels who were hung near Soldier's Hill in 1798.
     A proposed solution to the debate regarding the M3 Motorway and the preservation of the Tara /Skryne Valley was put before the cabinet earlier this year. The solution proposes that the Tara Landscape be made into a World Heritage Park, to include a better road than currently available and  incorporating increased coach and bus routes and a rail link. The M3 Motorway would proceed to the Valley and beyond the Valley thus preserving the heritage section.
     A new National Survey has been conducted by RedC research to ascertain what percentage of the population would like to see this plan put into action. Results of this survey will be made public at the demonstration and will be available on the www.sacredireland.org website from Monday February 4th.
     Assembly point, Tara Car Park or Vigil Camp 2.30pm. For additional information, call Debbie Reilly or Heather Buchanan
Tara Solidarity Vigil - 086 1758557 PO Box 30 Tara Navan Co Meath Ireland

Source: Save Tara campaign press release (2 February 2008)

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