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3 March 2008
Power works avoid Scottish prehistoric site

A power line upgrade in the Scottish Borders has taken a new route - in order to avoid a prehistoric settlement. Scottish Power was installing new posts and lines between Hawick and Morebattle when a local historian pointed out they were approaching the ancient site. Alan Brydon left a note on the workers' equipment pointing out the settlement which was on their route. Project engineers were able to come up with a solution to completely avoid the 4,000-year-old site at Midshiels.
     Mr Brydon noticed that initial plans would bring one pole down right in the middle of the site of the settlement. Project Engineer Charlie Dodds said it was his intervention which helped to avoid the historic location. "We were setting out where the next poles were to be positioned," he said. "When arriving the next day there was a note on one of our machines from a local historian, Alan Brydon, who pointed out that the pole was going to be in the middle of this ancient site. We did everything we could to find a solution and in the end we repositioned the overhead power lines and didn't need to disturb the site at all."

Source: BBC News (28 February 2008)

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