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3 March 2008
Prehistoric stone circle unearthed in India

An ancient human burial site, estimated to be 3,000 years old, was unearthed at Drugdhamna on Nagpur-Amravati road by the department of ancient Indian history, culture and archaeology, Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University.
     The department head Pradeep Meshram said that recently the department received information about the existence of some old structures on Nagpur-Amravati road. Later, a team comprising Pradeep Meshram, Kelellu Ismail, Priyadarshi Khobragade and some postgraduate students explored the site near Mhada Colony in Drugdhamna and found a megalithic stone circle. Describing the site, Meshram informed that huge boulders were arranged in a circular manner. It is assumed that ashes or bodies were buried in the middle of the circle, where a huge standing stone was erected, thus indicating the place as human burial site.
     Meshram said stones measuring between 7.5 metre and 10 metres length were used in forming outer circle and another big stone (80 cm in height) erected in the middle.  Megalithic culture existed in India in 8th century BCE and its presence can be felt in and around Nagpur, he said pointing out that similar site was also discovered, some four years ago, at Daulameti village near Ordnance Factory at Ambajhari.

Source: The Times of India (2 March 2008)

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