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16 March 2008
Also Irish vessels found in Scottish graves

Further evidence that prehistoric Scots travelled considerable distances has come from two graves in Upper Largie, near Kilmartin in Argyll and Bute (Scotland). We already mentioned in one of our previous articles that one grave contained three distinctive beakers which Alison Sheridan, of the National Museums Scotland, describes as belonging to an early, international style, best paralleled by finds from the lower Rhine region of the modern-day Netherlands.
     A second grave was dug at a later date, cutting through the ring ditch, and this contained a highly unusual bowl whose upper part is of the classic Irish style current around 2150 BCE but whose four stubby feet are a Yorkshire feature. This so-called 'hybrid polypod food vessel' indicates the range of stylistic influences on the Kilmartin valley, an area of west Scotland with an unusually high number of standing stones, cairns and chambered tombs, during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age.

Source: Current Archaeology (March 2008)

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