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16 March 2008
Historic Scotland urged to give broch visitor numbers

A challenge is being laid down for Historic Scotland to come forward with visitor numbers to the Clickimin Broch in Lerwick (Shetland) after hopes access to the monument could be improved were apparently quashed.
     Members of the Lerwick Community Council were told in a letter from the agency the small amount of visitors the monument receives makes the provision of improved parking unsustainable. The broch proves popular with coach-loads of tourists who visit Lerwick during the summer months. The coaches are forced to mount the pavement close to the broch, although some have been known to park down Westerloch itself. Hopes had been high the SIC might convert part of the pavement to accommodate the coach tours. But the council has already come back to say it can offer non-financial support only. Now, Historic Scotland has replied as well, claiming visitor numbers to the broch don't justify the expense.
     The letter sparked a call from members to write back to regional works manager of Historic Scotland, Gavin Douglas, to ask for clarification on how many visitors the broch attracts. Michael Peterson told the committee the monument had been Shetland's second most popular tourist attraction. SIC network and design manager David Macnae said the refusal from the council could have been made on the grounds of road safety.

Source: Shetland Today (14 March 2008)

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