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23 March 2008
M3 work near Rath Lugh site moves ahead

The Irish National Roads Authority has confirmed work is advancing on the M3 motorway in the area close to Rath Lugh where protestors have set up camp. Up to 50 gardaí are said to be at the scene. The NRA says it is putting in place what is known as a 'box cut', which outlines the road's route. It is also re-enforcing the Rath Lugh monument with a quib wall and security fencing. It says the steps are being taken for health and safety reasons, and with the advice and consent of the gardaí.
     The NRA says workers at the site are being intimidated by protestors, and that a civil understanding allowing for the fencing to be put in place has not been honoured. Minister for the Environment John Gormley visited the Rath Lugh monument this morning, where he discussed preservation issues around the site with the Department's archaeologists. He did not visit the road site or speak with protestors. A spokesman said the Minister is satisfied that measures being proposed by the NRA will protect the national momument at Rath Lugh.
     The young Kerry woman who had been staging an underground protest at Rath Lugh in the Tara/Skyrne valley left the tunnel on March 15th. 23-year-old Lisa Feeney spent several days inside the 10 metre deep tunnel, protesting at the route of the M3 motorway. She and others want the motorway to be moved away from the national monument at Rath Lugh. Lisa's fellow protestors say her decision to leave the tunnel followed an agreement with the National Roads Authority.

Sourec: Belfast Telegraph (16 March 2008), RTE News (20 March 2008)

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