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23 March 2008
Past Horizons Internet magazine launched

A new form of magazine designed to cater for the heritage conservation and archaeological volunteer has been launched. Issue one of 'Past Horizons' (www.pasthorizons.com/magazine) looks at conservation work that you can get involved in with Heritage Conservation Network. The main article looks at the work carried out at High Pasture Cave on the mysterious Iron Age site in Skye (Scotland). Other articles deal with recording and the potential use of ever present graffiti, bridging the gap between media and heritage experts, and a fascinating report from a students perspective of a fieldwork project in northern Israel. There are features on current news, provocative viewpoints and suggestions for fieldwork projects around the world. There will be guides to getting involved, whether a student, interested amateur or professional who needs a break for a bit of blue skies archaeology. There are searching profile interviews with top archaeologists from all over the world, a crossword to download and tear your hair out over, and so much more. The first issue is available online, and will expand to meet your needs, your requests and your requirements for an enjoyable and worthwhile chance to participate in heritage projects around the globe. You can sign up to receive updates when each new issue is published, every 2 months.

Source: Past Horizons press release (20 March 2008)

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