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23 March 2008
Unique cremation graves discovered in Moravia

Czech archaeologists have uncovered unique cremation graves in Prostejov (Moravia, Czech Republic) that date back to the Neolithic period of the Linear Pottery culture. The graves were uncovered during construction of a new industrial zone on the eastern edge of the town. "This is the first cremation burial site of the Linear-Pottery-culture to be uncovered on Czech soil. Below it there are skeleton graves of people of the same culture. The change in the burial method indicates a change in the ideology or religion of the people. The cremation of the dead is tied with people's belief in the existence of the soul. Up to now experts have supposed that this belief appeared far later," archaeologist Miroslav Smid said.
     About a hundred graves have been uncovered in Prostejov. The archaeologists believe this is about one-tenth of the local burial site. They have also uncovered remnants of a settlement, including shelters and production buildings. Another burial site of people of Linear-Pottery-culture on Czech territory was previously uncovered in Vedrovice near Znojmo, but archaeologists found there complete skeletons.

Source: Prague Daily Monitor (20 March 2008)

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