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31 March 2008
Iron Age bones found at Olympic site in London

Archaeologists uncovered four skeletons in Iron Age graves on the site of the London 2012 Olympic Park. The graves were in an area of a buried settlement on the site of the Aquatics Center. The remains were removed for further study and one, estimated at 3,000 years old, was exhibited by the Olympic Delivery Authority.
     Museum of London archaeologists have carried out extensive investigations at the site in Stratford, east London, which will house the main permanent venues for the Games. Other finds include also Iron Age cooking pots. The ODA is confident that no artefacts will be found that are important enough to require preservation on site and so hold up construction work, although investigations are continuing on other parts of the 2.5 sq km site. More than 140 trenches have been dug and investigated as part of archaeological work on the sites of the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Center, VeloPark, Olympic Village and the media center. The Olympic site is covered mainly by industrial development, but 3,000 years ago was an open river valley.

Sources: Associated Press, MSNBC, Reuters (27 March 2008)

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