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31 March 2008
Iron Age brought back to life

A replica of an Iron Age roundhouse, created after extensive research on prehistoric sites at West Heslerton and Pickering, has been built at Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton-le-Hole (North Yorkshire, England), and is expected to attract thousands of tourists this summer. The venture has seen teams of youths on the Community Pay-Back Scheme, five local schools, and scores of volunteers working on the project. "It has been a real community project, " said Bex Carver, the museum's learning manager.
    In addition to fitting out the roundhouse as it would have been in the Iron Age, the venture also has its own livestock. In the next few weeks a small flock of Soay sheep from the Orkneys will be lambing.
The project has also been given help under the Every Child Matters Campaign, and local teachers are being encouraged to use the roundhouse to provide pupils with 'hands on' history lessons, through placement sessions which are being arranged said Bex. "It is an educational resource centre which we feel will be invaluable to Ryedale schools in bringing history alive."

Source: Gazette & Herald (27 March 2008)

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