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20 April 2008
Neolithic Marathon and The Sarsen Trail 2008

This year the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Sarsen Trail, and to mark this milestone is encouraging us to take part in the 'Walk for Wildlife Week' which precedes the Trail, Saturday 26th April to Sunday 4th May.
     The Week will culminate with the Sarsen Trail and Neolithic Marathon on Sunday 4th May. The Sarsen Trail and Neolithic Marathon is a 26-mile sponsored walk and run between the two World Heritage Sites of Avebury and Stonehenge, with shorter courses available to those who prefer shorter distances. The route offers some of the most spectacular view across Wiltshire's undulating downland. Part of the route is also of major historical importance as it traces the approximate trail along which the Sarsen stones were dragged to build Stonehenge in the Neolithic times.
     The event is the Trust's most important annual fundraiser. Over 1,700 walkers and 400 runners from across the UK and from abroad, 100 dogs, and 250 staff and volunteers took part in last year's event raising over 60,000, money that will be used to help protect Wiltshire's wildlife and environment and safeguard its natural heritage for future generations. There are frequent water stations along the route and once you've reached Stonehenge, you can lie back and enjoy a well-earned massage or feast on a hog roast.
     The Marathon starts at Avebury at 10.30am on Sunday 4th May 2008. The half marathon starts at Charlton Clumps on Salisbury Plain at 11am. More info at www.wiltshirewildlife.org

Source: Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (April 2008)

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