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26 April 2008
Ancient artifacts found in Thai cave

Archeologists found scattered household utensils and pottery belonging to the prehistoric period in a cave in an eastern Thai province bordering Cambodia. Lt. Niran Yano accompanied by archeologists explored a cave on Chanthaburi's Khao Noi mountain near the Thai-Cambodian border and reported the discovery of archeological objects dated back 4,000 years.
     The exploration was carried out after the local residents reported the accidental discovery of such objects scattered and in some cases, buried, in the floor of a cave large enough to accommodate hundreds of people. The villagers also said that objects of similar appearance and antiquity had been found in other sites such as caves on Khao Jum-pa and Khao Sa-thorn mountains. The two caves are seven kilometres apart, according to Lt. Niran.
     Kammanitya Direksilpa of the Chanthaburi Marine Archeological Office said his Office had already explored the three archeological sites. He said it was quite certain the 7-kilometre site could be the location of an ancient community dating back to the prehistoric period. The archeologist added the site was possibly one of Asia's major trade and cultural routes connecting the present Chanthaburi with an ancient community in Cambodia before Thailand and Cambodia were separated by modern political boundaries. Unique to this site is the burial of the ancient utensils and artifacts.
       While various officials and scholars are aware of the existence of the ancient trade routes in this region, Mr. Kammanitya said, there has never been a formal exploration of the area.

Sources: MCOT, TNA (24 April 2008)

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