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26 April 2008
Prehistoric settlement uncovered in Scotland

Biggar Archaeology Group (south Lanarkshire, Scotland) have discovered the location of an ancient 5000-6000-year-old settlement site in a ploughed field at Carwood Farm near the town. After only two days walking ploughed fields to look for evidence of the past, an annual Spring event for the group, the ancient site was located.
     Tam Ward, group leader, explained: "Last year we found a few flints at this location, and this time the first thing we noticed on the ground were carbonised hazel nut shells and bits of pottery. Straight away, we knew this meant the Early Stone Age when the first people to settle on the land built houses, used pottery and farmed the landscape. Such sites are rare in Britain." Tam added: "After two gruelling weekends, we opened a huge trench and found lots of pottery, bits of stone axes and several pits cut into the ground. These all contained charcoal which will be analysed and dated to give us a picture of what the landscape would have been like and an accurate date for the site. One pit was stuffed with pottery from at least two pots."
     This was discovered by Elliot Veitch, a young archaeologist from Biggar Museums. The eight-year-old said: "I love archaeology, but never thought I'd find something as old as this. The pottery is older than the pyramids!" The site is covered over once more but the group will be out searching more fields.

Source: Hamilton Advertiser (24 April 2008)

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