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28 June 2008
5000-year-old anthropomorphic figures found in Peru

A team of archaeologists headed by Ruth Shady has discovered a number of anthropomorphic figures believed to be some five thousand years old near the district of Vegueta in the province of Huaura on the coast north of Lima (Peru). These relics have been unearthed in the archeological site of Vichama, or 'hidden city', a place that belongs to the same civilization of Caral and which is located 159 kilometers north of Lima. Caral is considered the oldest city of America with around 5000 years old.
     The figures represent a woman nursing and a person of high social status. It was reported that Carbon 14 dating will soon determine how old these relics are. This discovery occurs almost a year after the start of archaeological Works on this site headed by Dr. Ruth Shady.  These objects, along with others found at the scene, will be exhibited at the Communitarian Museum of Vegueta.

Source: Andina (8 June 2008)

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