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28 June 2008
Damaged dolmenoid cist burial found in India

A dolmenoid cist burial in a damaged condition relating to the megalithic age was spotted in a plot at Choozhiyampara near Vallikode in Palakkad district (Kerala, Southern India). The cist burial which remained undisturbed through the centuries has now been destroyed as the labourers involved in digging up a pit for a septic tank had broken the granite slabs used to cover it.
     It is a cist with all the typical features associated with those found in other megalithic burial sites. Four orthostats (monolithic granite slabs) on the sides, one capstone and a flooring slab have been identified. In addition to these, the cist burial had a granite slab separating it into two chambers. The slab used to close the cist had two semi circular openings. The approximate depth of the cist burial is six feet. Facing the east, the cist has a width of around six feet. A similar opening was detected in the central slab. Only the three side slabs are now seen as the other slabs have been destroyed.
     Items used in the graves, including six small pots and two iron implements were found deposited in the chambers. The pots found in different corners were of three types, red ware, black ware and black and red ware. "The iron implements were similar to those found from the dolmonoid cists excavated at Arippa in Kollam and Angamali. All the pots have been destroyed but the iron implements were in good condition", said the lecturer in history at the Government Victoria college K. Rajan who along with Sajeev Singh of the same department  was present at the site.
     In addition to the cist burial, traces of two urns were spotted in the nearby village road. The area seems to contain numerous megalithic burial monuments.

Source: NewIndPress (21 June 2008)

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