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14 July 2008
Carwynnen Quoit is going to be saved

The Sustainable Trust (www.sustrust.co.uk) is now about to buy Carwynnen Quoit near Camborne, West Cornwall (England). The Trust is buying about 5 acres of land around the quoit, that is an English Heritage Scheduled Monument No.396 and is also known as Pendarves Quoit or The Giant's Frying Pan.
     The monument is in a collasped condition and lies by an ancient way which can still be followed from Copper Hill Moors to the sea at Gwithian. It fell down in the 19th centutry and was re-erected soon afterwards. It fell again in the 1960s. It is hoped, with the help of English Heritage, Cornwall Archaeological Unit and the Heritage Environment Service, to rebuild the Quoit to its former glory. This project will be of major significance as to the regeneration of the Camborne area and the protection of Cornish traditions and culture.
     The Quoit, when standing, was similiar to Lanyon Quoit in West Penwith and the Antiquarians of the 18th and 19th centuries would of seen this site as of equal archaeological significance.  On their archaeological tours the Quoit would of been a part of their itinerary. The Quoit itself origionally stood on rough ground, however, it became part of the Pendarves Estate as the estate expanded in the 19th century.
      The Sustainable Trust is sourcing grants and advice; if you are able to help please contact the Trust. More information about the monument can be found at savependarvesquoit.weebly.com

Sources: The Stones Mailing List (9 July 2008), The Sustainable Trust

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