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17 August 2008
Ancient cremated bones unearthed in Ireland

Archaeologists has unearthed cremated bones thought to date from around 3,500BC to 2,000 BCE during a dig near Lough Fea in Ireland. The find was unearthed when workers from Creagh Concrete were extracting gravel.
     A team of four archaeologists came across a mound of stones, known as a cairn which often points to a burial site, at the Creagh Concrete plant near Blackwater Bridge. Following excavation of the site, the archaeologists discovered two small cist burials, one octagonal in shape, around 45 cm in diameter, and the other, rectangular, around 60cm in length, both of which contained cremated bones.
     Christina Regan from Northern Archaeological Consultancy said that the team was hoping to find something of interest as chamber tombs have previously been unearthed in the area. Post holes surrounding the grave were also found during the dig. "It's a very good location being upland and there are very good views of the surrounding area," said Regan. "Burials from the Neolithic period would normally be found in locations like this," she added.
     The next step is to write a report and have the bone analyzed along with the flint and pottery which will be sent to a specialist for further testing, said Regan. The Lough Fea area enjoys a rich history and the nearby Beaghmore Stone Circles, dating from the early Bronze Age, is thought to be one of the earliest sites of human settlement in Ireland.

Source: Smashits.com (31 July 2008)

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