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26 August 2008
Stonehenge investigations continue

Archaeologists from around United Kingdom are investigating Stonehenge and the surrounding areas in, and visitors are being invited to come along to see history brought to life. As part of the ongoing Riverside Project experts are going to be digging at sites near the ancient stones to find out more about their links with Stonehenge itself.
     Many who visit the stones may not know they are part of a complex series of monuments on Salisbury Plain, including the 3k-long Stonehenge Cursus and Durrington Walls, Britain's largest henge, which were inhabited at the same time the sarsen stones were put up at about 2600-2500 BCE. This year, archaeologists are hoping to discover where Stonehenge's builders lived in the centuries before (3000-2600 BCE), when the earliest stages of Stonehenge were built.
     As well as the digging going on, between August 18 and September 12, around Stonehenge and on the Cursus, part of the solstitial processional route will also be excavated to find out how long the course was, and whether stones were shaped before being put up. Aubrey Hole is also being re-dug at the moment, in order to recover and analyse prehistoric cremations put there by archaeologists in 1935, and areas believed to be inhabited by the builders of Stonehenge are also due to be excavated.
     Visitors are welcome between 10am and 4pm every day until September 12 and there are special open days being held on September 6 and 7 between 10am and 4pm, starting at Woodhenge car park. A shuttle bus will transport people to the excavations where there will be re-enactors and archaeologists, including Time Team's Phil Harding. For further information or to receive a map of recommended walking routes around the local area call 07775 674816.

Source: Salisbury Journal (22 August 2008)

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