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7 September 2008
Novices dig up rare bronze bowl in Sweden

Amateur archeologists digging near Skrea hill outside Falkenberg have unearthed a unique artifact. The find, a 2000-year-old bronze vessel, was uncovered at a Bronze Age grave site by members of the public who had been invited to participate in the dig. The vessel also contained bits of charred bone, which are believed to be from humans. According to archeologist Lena Bergland of the Halland county administrative board, the discovery may be the first of its kind in Sweden.
     The bronze bowl is about two to three centimeters high and 50 centimetres in diameter, and is believed to be from the early Iron Age. Vessels from that period and of that size have been found earlier in Sweden, but they've been made from clay rather than bronze, said Bergland.

Source: The Local (1 September 2008)

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