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29 September 2008
Prehistoric remains unearthed in Vietnam

A press conference was held in Gia Lai province (Vietnam) to announce the results of an excavation at the Ia Mor archeological site in Chu Prong District. The site was discovered by the Gia Lai Provincial Museum in 2005. A group of archaeologists led by Associate Professor Nguyen Khac Su, from the Vietnam Archaeology Institute, excavated a 1,100sq.m plot in Klah village, bordering Cambodia. Thousands of stone and pottery objects, including a large jar tomb were unearthed. They said the tomb belonged to a pre-historic man, and contained bones, 20 teeth, stone-made jewelry and pottery. After excavating 6 out of 30 sites, archaeologists confirmed that Gia Lai was a home for a pre-historic civilization. However, they have not found out why this civilization didn't develop, or what its relationship was with other civilizations in the region.

Source: Vietnam Net (24 September 2008)

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