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29 September 2008
More natural setting for Calanais stones

Some of the modern footpaths at the Calanais standing stones (Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland) are to be removed to create a more natural setting and allow visitors to wander more freely. It is hoped that the move will further improve the enjoyment of visitors to one of the country's most celebrated prehistoric monuments. The work is timetabled for November and will involve replacing the chipped stone paths with turf.
     Stephen Watt, Historic Scotland district architect, said: "We believe that visitors will prefer a more natural setting for the stones and a greater sense of freedom to wander among them. The path from the visitor centre to the site will remain in place for easy access and the grass around the stones will be kept short." The Calanais Standing Stones date from around 3,000 BCE and are an important attraction for the Isle of Lewis.

Source: Stornoway Gazette (24 September 2008)

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