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4 October 2008
'Return of the Tomb Builders' exhibition

Visitors will be able to travel back in time six thousand years and witness the skills of their Stone Age ancestors at Wrexham Museum (Wales). The special event, Return of the Tomb Builders, is part of the museum's new exhibition exploring the prehistoric heritage of Wales. It was Stone Age people who created Wales's first monuments: a series of giant burial chambers. Six thousand years later these ancient monuments still stand in a much changed landscape. But who were the people who built these great tombs? What were their lives like? Why did they go to all this effort?  These are the questions this exhibition explores and asks visitors to ponder.
     The Tomb Builders exhibition has been created by the Department of Archaeology and Numismatics at the National Museum Cardiff and Wrexham County Borough Museum. Based on an award winning book by Dr Steve Burrow, it features collections that have never before been displayed in north Wales. The Tomb Builders exhibition divides into two parts - life and death, with the two being linked by an audio-visual showing the Midsummer solstice at Bryn Celli Ddu, a Neolithic burial chamber on Anglesey. Elsewhere in the exhibition comes the chance to see how Neolithic people dressed thanks to a reproduction costume based on the Ice Man found in the South Tyrol in northern Italy.
     The exhibition runs until December 15th 2008. The event is free and is open from 11am to 3pm. For more information contact Wrexham Museum on 01978 317 970.

Sources: News Wales (2 October 2008), Evening Leader (3 October 2008)

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