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4 October 2008
'Secret of the Lost Cavern' video game

A new game developed for Apple computers with Mac OS X operating system does have a prehistoric twist. 'Secret of the Lost Cavern - A prehistoric tale' plunges the player into an inspiring adventure that takes place during the Paleolithic period in prehistoric time, 15,000 years BCE. Wits and powers of observation are needed to survive the vast wilderness as the journey leads to one of mankind's forgotten wonders. During this Stone Age adventure, the life of a young hunter, Arok, is revealed. During his journey, Arok must survive the rugged wilderness: brave wild animals, learn how to build a "spear thrower", lure a ferocious bear away from his lair. Arok will follow the path of Klem - a painter and a sorcerer - and work with him to recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave.
     Also featured is an integrated encyclopedia filled with historically accurate data on the Paleolithic period, and the Lascaux Cave is represented in 3D for the 1st time in a video game. Pristine photo-realistic graphics and environments including rivers, troglodyte caves, and green valleys, will take players back to the dawn of human existence.
     The game will be released across the world in october in retail stores and on legal download plateforms. More info and a demo of the game is available on the Coladia Games website (www.coladiagames.com).
Source: Coladia Games (September 2008), MaCNN (29 September 2009)

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