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19 October 2008
Idaho museum unveils 16,000-year-old tools

The Idaho Museum of Natural History (USA) is displaying some of the nation's oldest archaeological discoveries - ancient tools found in southeastern Idaho in 2006. An archaeological team from Idaho State University dug up the artifacts at Castle Rocks State Park. They include stone tools and the rocks used to shape them. Skip Lohse, the director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History and the lead member of the ISU team, says some of the tools are believed to be nearly 16,000 years old, which means they predate the Clovis culture until 13,000 years ago. The Clovis culture was thought until recent years to mark the advent of humans in North America. The tools are on display to provide a talking point for the October 24th Idaho Archaeological Society meeting to be hosted at Idaho State University.

Sources: Associated Press, FOX 12 News (11 October 2008)

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