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19 October 2008
Bronze Age artefacts unnearthed in South Yorkshire

Prehistoric artefacts were among the exciting finds unearthed at Tickhill's (South Yorkhire, England) first metal detecting rally. Among the finds were a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age spearhead and a 2,800-year-old socketed axe head tip. It was the first time the items found had seen the light of day since their owners either lost or discarded them thousands of years ago.
     The rally had been organised by the Searchers of Dinnington Society (S.O.D.S.) and took place in fields owned by a local farmer. Chairman of the Dinnington based metal detecting club Tony Williams said: "Enthusiasts from all over the country along with one from Germany attended the rally." They had invited along the event's own time team of experts in the form of Portable Antiquities Scheme South and West Yorkshire Finds Liaison Officer Amy Cooper and a band of knowledgeable colleagues. Amy said: "We were there to help detectors to identify and record the items that they found over the weekend. The Portable Antiquities Scheme is a national one that encourages the reporting of archaeological objects found by members of the public."

Source: This is Retford.co.uk (15 October 2008)

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