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23 November 2008
Ancient 'treasures' unearthed in Scotland

A 5,000-year-old axe head, a Bronze Age sword and mysterious carved stone balls form part of Scotland's annual Treasure Trove, items found by archaeologists or enthusiasts which have been handed to the Crown Office. Ian Ralston, a professor at Edinburgh University who sits on the Treasure Trove panel, said some significant archaeological finds had been unearthed in Scotland this year. Professor Ralston said items received by the Treasure Trove usually arrived via three routes: during standard archaeological excavations and field work; by chance by members of the public; and by people using metal detectors. The Treasure Trove panel decides where each item should be placed and how much reward money should be received by the 'treasure hunters'.
     The 5,000-year-old farmers axe head was unearthed at Dunragit, Stranraer, but made from stone found in the Lake District. The Bronze Age sword was found in Lockerbie and the mysterious carved balls were discovered at Pitmilly and Newburgh in Fife.

Source: BBC News (21 November 2008)

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