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30 November 2008
Stone circle moved into a suburban estate

John and Suky Burton imported 13 stones - possibly of prehistoric origin - from their former Weymouth mansion when they downsized to a detached house in Dorchester (Dorset, England). The ancient history of the 13 mossy chunks is lost but they are reputed to have originated from Portland. Early last century they were bought by a member of the Burberry family for their mansion, Abbotts Court, overlooking Radipole Lake at Weymouth. Thomas Burberry, founder of the famous clothing firm lived at Abbotts Court during World War I. When Mr and Mrs Burton bought Abbotts Court in 1980, they discovered the stone circle in the overgrown grounds, together with a large collection of fossils. When they moved to the house in Dorchester the took the stones with them.
     Neighbours watched in bewilderment as druid John and hereditary witch Suky used a crane and a huge truck to transport the 6ft stones to their new abode. The couple - both antique dealers - aligned the stones at special points along what they believe is a ley line around the garden to encircle themselves with positive energy. Suky then invited 20 witches from her coven to dedicate the stone circle during a special night-time ritual. Mrs Burton said: "We had a blessing of the stones and we brought the energy back. We feel they are a place between worlds. It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you are near these stones - but it is something extremely powerful."
     Mrs Burton added: "It was a really big job bringing the stones with us. We had to employ about a dozen rather burly men and a crane to transport it all - but it was well worth it. We are so happy to have finally have it all sorted. We were very upset at the thought of these stones just being dumped - but couldn't think of how we could get them with us."
Sources: Western Daily Press (23 November 2008), Telegraph.co.uk (24 November 2008)

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