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20 January 2009
Ancient tombs and artifacts recovered in Southern Italy

More than 120 findings dating back from 4th and 3rd century BCE have been recovered on the fields around San Severo (Foggia, Italy) by Guardia di Finanza (Revenue) officers who caught in the act four 'tombaroli'. The officers also found a series of tombs, one of them containing the human remains of an ancient Dauno warrior. An important discovery, according to Giovanna Pacilio, archaeologist of the Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici della Puglia, mainly because the findings were found still inside the tombs.
     The Revenue officers found two 'grotticella' (small cave) tombs connected through some 'dromos' (aisles). The ancient skeleton was buried in fetal position and the presence of a great deal of dromos may indicate that in the same area many other tombs are still to be discovered. In fact, in one of the side aisles archaeololgists located two other tombs: one is covered by a rock slab, and the other by a large tile. Inside the latter tomb the experts found the skeleton of a child.

Source: Paese Nuovo (14 January 2009)

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