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25 January 2009
Skara Brae sea wall set for work

Work to strengthen the foundations of the sea wall near the famous Neolithic village of Skara Brae in Orkney (Scotland) is about to begin. Waves have affected a section of concrete on which the protective walling was built, which could lead to more damage. Historic Scotland has started a project which will involve digging down to insert new reinforcements. It is described as important and highly-skilled work.
     Stephen Watt, Historic Scotland district architect, said: "The area affected is a bit beyond Skara Brae itself, but it is important because it stops the sea outflanking us. These are interim measures which help protect an enormously important part of Scotland's heritage. We are currently working with a number of other groups and organisations to put together a strategy to protect the entire bay from the effects of natural erosion." The settlement was inhabited 5,000 years ago.

Source: BBC News (20 January 2009)

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