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31 January 2009
Avebury skeleton's fate to be decided soon

Druids are calling for the remains of a three-year-old Neolithic child to be reburied at Avebury in Wiltshire (England), out of respect but archaeologists insist the skeleton should be kept available for research purposes. The skeleton, known as Charlie, was discovered during excavations at the Neolithic Windmill Hill site, near Avebury, by archaeologist Alexander Keiller in 1929. It has been on public display in the Avebury museum since it opened. But in 2006 a claim was lodged by the Council of British Druid Orders to have Charlie and seven other human remains reburied.
     The public consultation on whether the remains should be reburied is due to end very soon. But archaeologists are unhappy that English Heritage and the National Trust are giving the druids' claim serious consideration. Dr Josh Pollard, of Bristol University, said: "It's a very, very bad idea and it's entirely unnecessary, entirely unwarranted. I think it could set a very dangerous precedent, one in which we would find a situation where all prehistoric human remains held in museums, held in other collections across the United Kingdom, have to be reburied."

Sources: This is Wiltshire (27 January 2009), BBC (28 January 2009)

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